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With the idea of depicting the natural landscape in the peaceful villages of Vietnam, the Aquarium has recreated the most typical spaces, such as: mountain lakes, terraced fields in the highlands, tropical forests. with biodiversity, rich and green trees.... The water flows from the high land, gathers into streams that pour into rivers and rivers into the sea. Referring to rivers, Lotte World Aquarium Hanoi takes its inspiration from the Mekong River - One of the largest rivers in the world, originating from the Qinghai Plateau, in Qinghai Province. The river flows through Yunnan (China), through Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and into the East Sea in Vietnam. In addition to water resources, the Mekong River Basin has a very high biodiversity, thereby creating a unique river environment for many species of creatures.

Featured Animals

  • Oscar crassipinnis

    Scientific name: Astronotus crassipinnis

    Special points:

    – Its name from the Latin word for “fat” (crassus)” and “fish” (pinna)

    – It eats small fish, insects, and even fruit that has fallen by the water’s edge.

    – When the Oscar Crashpinis sleeps, it lies down like a human.

  • Giant Gourami

    Scientific name: Osphronemus goramy

    Special points:

    – The fish is large in size, on average 45-50cm, maximum up to 70cm, weight when grown can be up to 9kg.

    – Exceptional adaptability to harsh environmental conditions. – Pink or white in color, with small scales covering the entire body


Feeding Koi fish


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