Ocean Square

Ocean Square is the place to end the journey to visit Lotte World Aquarium Hanoi. This is also the main stage located between the main tank, the sea lion tank and the penguin tank. Visitors can stop here to rest, relax and experience many interesting dining and entertainment services.

Featured Animals

  • Mandarin Duck

    Scientific name: Aix Galericilata

    Special points:

    – The mandarin duck is a small duck, but has slightly longer legs.

    – They usually build nests in holes in trees or between stones.

    – They enjoy eating fruits and small fish.

  • Cownose Ray

    Scientific name: Rhinoptera Bonasus

    Special points:

    – It has a habit of swimming in schools.

    – Overall body color is brown with white or chartreuse color on the abdomen. The pectoral fin is as long as the whole length of the body.

    – It prefers to eat shellfish, it can crush hard clams with its teeth to eat clam meat inside.

  • Giant Grouper

    Scientific name: Taeniurops meyeni

    Special points:

    – The Giant Grouper is a species in the family of Serranidae that can reach up to 3m.

    – It doesn’t form a group but lives alone.

    – It usually eats small fish, crustaceans and Mollusca using its big mouth when it is juvenile. It can eat small sharks and young sea turtles when becoming an adult.


Magic show

Feeding show

Sea Lion Medical Exam

Kids zone

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