From Monday to Sunday, including Holidays

Operation hour

09:30 - 22:00

The latest pick up time is 60 minutes before closing. In special cases, please check the announcement of operating hours on the official communication channels of the Aquarium.


The aquarium also has many facilities for you to explore and enjoy

  • F&B

  • Toy store

  • Photo zone

  • Experience

  • Dining space full of ocean style

    Wayne’s Coffee: Open daily

    Open: 9:30 AM
    Close: 10:00 PM

  • My Kingdom - World of Toys

    My Kingdom: Open daily

    Open: 9:30 AM
    Close: 10:00 PM

  • Magic Memories Photo zone

    Magic Memories: Open daily

    Open: 09:30
    Close: 22:00

  • Interesting experience space

    Screative: Open daily

    Open: 09:30
    Close: 22:00

Visiting Map

How to get here

- Lotte World Aquarium Hanoi is located on floors B1 & B2 of Lotte Mall Westlake Hanoi.
- You can enter from two addresses: 683 Lac Long Quan or 272 Vo Chi Cong. - At 683 Lac Long Quan, you go through Gate 4 or Gate 5. The aquarium is located on the left of the Main Gate of the Lotte Mall.
- When you park your vehicles in the basement parking lot (B1 & B2), you can find the entrance to the Mall in basement B1.

Group visiting

With a group tour of 20 guests or more, the Aquarium will have special programs that can be designed to suit each group.

For more information and to schedule a tour, please contact Hotline:

024 3362 7799



  1. Location
  2. Ticket
  3. Regulations
  4. Others
  • How can I get to the Aquarium from the entrance to Lotte Mall?

    Customers can park their vehivles at the parking lot on the 1st floor (via Gate 4 or Gate 5) then go straight to the entrance to Lotte World Aquarium Hanoi located on the left side of the main entrance of the shopping mall. If you park in the basement parking lot (B1 & B2), you can find the entrance to the shopping center in basement B1

  • Where is Lotte World Aquarium Hanoi?

    The Aquarium is located at basement B1- Lotte Mall Tay Ho, 272 Vo Chi Cong, Phu Thuong ward, Tay Ho district, Hanoi.

  • Can I change the date of my purchased ticket in case of an emergency?

    Purchased tickets cannot be changed, canceled or refunded

  • I want to cancel my ticket. What should I do?

    Purchased tickets cannot be changed, canceled or refunded

  • Can I return a purchased ticket?

    Purchased ticket cannot be returned

  • What services does the ticket price include?

    Ticket price includes a full package of sightseeing services within the operating hours, excluding other entertainment services.

  • Where can I buy a ticket?

    Currently you can buy tickets directly at the ticket counter of Lotte World Aquarium Hanoi

  • Am I allowed to bring food into the Aquarium?

    No, you’re not. Only baby foods/diet foods prescribed by a medical professional may be brought into the facility in reasonable amounts.

  • What is the aquarium’s regulation on height?

    Children under 80cm in height will get free admission. Customers from 80 to 140cm tall will be charged the regular child fare. Customers over 140cm tall will be charged adult fare.

  • Does the Aquarium issue a Value Added (VAT) invoice?

    Yes, we do. Customers can register and leave information to write a red invoice at the cashier’s front desk. Invoices need to be registered, written on the day of service use and received immediately via the email address left by the customer.

  • Where can I see the playground map?

    You can visit the Aquarium’s official website to look up information online

  • What are the opening hours of the Aquarium? Is the aquarium open daily?

    The Aquarium is open from 09:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. every day of the week, including Holidays.