Sea Adventure

The ocean always amazes us with wonderful mysteries that humans have never known. In this area, Hanoi Lotte World Aquarium depicts the image of a shipwreck and an ocean whirlpool in the deep sea - as a highlight for the exploration of the ocean floor, helping to open the way for the imagination. of human. The journey to the bottom of the ocean always has many surprises and mysteries for us to discover!

Featured Animals

  • Moon Jellyfish

    Scientific name: Aurelia aurita

    Special point:

    – Jellyfish have the ability to heal themselves, helping them to survive effectively.

  • Round ribbontail ray

    Scientific name: Taeniurops meyeni

    Special points:

    – Belongs to the large size in ray, It has a black spots and tinged with blackish brown on the back.

    – Found in a wide range of habitats, from shallow lagoons to outer reef slopes.

  • Orbicular Batfish

    Scientific name: Platax Orbicular

    Special points:

    – Orbicular batfish inhabits shallow and deeps reefs with juveniles occurring in small groups among mangroves and also within inner lagoons.

    – Juveniles resemble a floating leaf in appearance and behavior.

    – The diet consists of algae, invertebrates, and small fishes

  • Golden trevally

    Scientific name: Gnathanodon speciosus

    Special points:

    – It is a beautiful fish that swims in groups and lives with large fish such as sharks and rays.

    – The golden body color and stripes are clear during the juvenile, but they grow and the stripes and gold body color fade.


Wreck Ship

BOH Tour

Sound reflection

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